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Q: How do I use the new "Status" setting in Events?
A: So the new 4 selection option replaces the old "Active" on/off flag.
"Planned Event" is basically the old "Active" set to off, it is a future event you are planning, no entries can be added.
"Live Event (Show Results)" is the old "Active" set to on, an event ready to accept entries (once the date/time has been reached for entries to be open) and the event can run once the Start date/time has passed. Results are shown.
"Live Event (Hide Results)" is the same as above but results are hidden until set to "Provisional Results".
"Provisional Results" is set once the event has finished and you wish to show "Provisional" Results.
The last if the new one, "Finalised Event" is when you declare the provisional results as final :)
Q: Can I use the RallyAppLive to time my Road Rally event?
A: To encourage the development of RallyAppLive Motorsport UK has granted specific authority to Sapphire Solutions to deploy and refine the system at Motorsport UK permitted rallies. The developers will notify Motorsport UK of any events using RallyAppLive and they will be reviewed as part of this development trial. Once the system has been refined during this trial period, it is planned that regulations will be amended to permit the general use of RallyAppLive.
Q: How long is the MSUK Trial Period?
A: The current MSUK waiver approval for the trial period runs until the end of 2022.
Q: How does the system deal with WD around a tight grass triangle?
A: Accuracy of GPS on phones is limited to between 4 and 12 metres on average whilst moving. It is suggested that you use Code boards with a wide location on LWR triangles instead.
Q: How much data is a rally likely to use?
A: Minimal data needed, it only sends back tiny packets of key data when it gets a data connection (or on WiFi at the end), way less that a single Mb.
Q: Can it cope with two or three cars arriving together?
A: Yes. If you are using the crews to time themselves then there is no limit to how many cars arrive together. In marshal mode it can save multiple times at one per second.
Q: Dare I ask about some very remote areas where signal is poor / non-existent? Or areas such as Mull where only Vodafone appears to cover the entire area?
A: During the event it only needs GPS signal not mobile. It only needs mobile signal at the start and finish.
Q: Is it possible to do a complete route check along with timing before the event?
A: Yes. You can use Admin mode to drive the route and record you locations. Check each using the Mapping function once you are home.