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Licenced until 1st January 2026     
Latest Release of the "RallyAppLive" App is 1.38
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This solution is currently Donationware. Details Here.

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App Screens for the RallyAppLive Road Rally Management Solution.
Initial Login for the Navigator, Marshal or Administrator.

Competitors can sign in by first selecting the club from the list. Then entering you registered phone number.

Once GPS has locked on to the navigation satellites the App will show the current OS Grid Reference.

App Screen

Start-Up Screen

App Screen

Club Selection

App Screen

Add New Club

App Screen

Mobile Number Entry

App Screen

Logged In Ready

App Screen

GPS Locked In

If required for any reason, help can be requested by tapping the "Help" button.

A message is then sent to the logged in Administrators with your contact name and number.

App Screen

Help Request

App in normal use by the Navigator.

When you are approaching some Zones you may get the optional warning when the background turns yellow.

Record a time by tapping the coloured symbol, this may reveal some instructions.

App Screen

Warning Zone

App Screen

Approaching Zone

App Screen

Main Time Control

App Screen

Confirm Time

App Screen

Route Check

App Screen

Timing Point In

App Screen

Timing Point Out

Passage Controls are usually controlled by Marshals.

They confirm passage at that location but do not record a time.

App Screen

Passage Control

Additional locations options.

Timed Tested will be recorded using the Autotest App

The App will inform you when you enter a quiet zone.

You may also get a warning of a Black Spot approaching or simply be informed of this penalty.

App Screen

Timed Test

App Screen

Quiet Zone Entered

App Screen

Black Spot Entered

Caution zones warn the driver of potential harzards (Severe pot-holes etc.)

Code Boards selection offers six options, one correct and five other random codes. Navigator simply taps on the spotted code.

App Screen


App Screen

Code Board

App Screen

Code Board Selection

Stop and Give Way Locations will only be seen if you are travelling at under 2 MPH. Usually placed at T-Junctions where caution should be observed.

These are normally recorded automatically once shown.

App Screen

Stop and Give Way

Navigator finished event options.

Once you have finished the rally select the finish option to complete the rally. If necessary then enter details of any damage.

The App will also do one final send, ensure you have a data connection.

App Screen

Damage Declaration

App Screen

Review Screen

Once completed you will be able to select the review screen.

From here you can view current result, review locations and if needed submit tracking details.

Detailed tracking can be used as proof of route in case of a dispute.

App Screen

Review Full Log

App Screen

View Results

Administrator options for setting up a new event.

Logging in as an Admin User will allow you to record new locations via the App.

Each location will have default options that can updated later.

Optionally add the Instruction or code board.

App Screen

Admin Mode

App Screen

Zone Selection

Each location type will offer recommended defaults for recorded type and location area sizes.

Adjust as necessary and tap the "Save" button. These can be adjusted on the website later if necessary.

App Screen

Optional Instructions

Marshal recorded locations.

Logging in as a Marshal User will allow the marshal to record a location via the App for every driver.

The marshal will stand in the designated location and tap the coloured symbol to show the timing screen.

App Screen

Marshal Mode

Time can either be recorded by tapping the "Add Time" button or record times via the FDS synced timing beams. A list of times are now shown.

Times can be removed by tapping the dustbin icon if necessary.

App Screen

Time Selection

Once the time has been selected by the marshal they will be presented with a list of drivers, simply selecting the driver and tap the save button will record this time.

The marshal can also tap the cancel button if needed.

App Screen

Driver Selection