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Licenced until 31st December 2022     

Release 1.49

New option in locations to delay stops for five seconds
App is now active 10 minutes before the start date/time (login from 60 minutes before as usual)
Admin mode add location type fix.
"Add Time" now also available on the driver select screen in Marshal mode (in case a car arrives whilst location a driver for the previous entry)


Release 1.48

Added confirmation to CodeBoard selections.
Stop and Giveway now shows Red Stop whilst approaching and not yet stationary, once stopped and recorded it will show the Green Go Go Go icon.
Start Section locations are now auto rest zones (not MTC locations as before)
Issues with Help button now resolved, Help will flag the next Timing Point as "Help Used" but not record the location until it is visited.
Extra validation used on mobile numbers and grid references.
Running order used for results until final standings have been calculated.

Release 1.47

Fixed issue with Marshal controls

Release 1.46

Now records direction of approach on Marshal controls.
Fixed a few minor issues, multiple marshal checks, firebase issues.

Release 1.45

App logins will now only be allowed within an hour before the event starting date and time. This allows code boards to be added/changed by admin up to an hour before the event, before competitors log in.
MTC locations are now automatically also Rest locations.
Removed 30m Zone, 50m minimum recommended.
You can now have multiple Route Checks, Passage Controls, Code Boards at the same location, these will be visited in order, the next one only becoming active once the previous ones have been visited.
New "Help" Option to reveal the next Timing Location. This will be penalised with a fail or points. This to be used when the competitor is unable plot the route and needs to "restart" at the next timing point.
New "Calc" button on the Results screen will award class and overall positions, these can be tweaked by editing the entries as before.

Release 1.44

Small fix to delay in the log showing in a weak signal area.
Updated Location import routine to include "Start Section" and "Stop Required"

Release 1.43

The App now also updates the log on the navigators phone when the time was recorded by a marshal.

Release 1.42

Fix for codeboard issue when previous codeboard was cancelled it was still showing the previous one.
Codeboard can now only be selected once stationary is stop required.
Added "Are you sure" to cancel.
Bold font on iOS version.

Release 1.41

Larger numbers on marshal screen to make location easier Beeps are now silent once stationary Release 1.40

Allow Marshal recorded times to be manually deleted instead of automatically deleted to allow multiple cars to take the same time

Release 1.39

Added Scrutineering and Noise Check for Marshals
Added Direction of Approach for Marshals and refined Driver list to show the ones recorded.

Release 1.38

Refined how "Stop Required" locations perform

Release 1.35

Fixes Android initial install issue.
Fixes issue with competition name having a apostrophe in it's name.
New Registration screens etc.

Release 1.34

Submit Tracking feature on the App now has to be enabled via Event Admin.

Release 1.33

Timing Points (MTC and TP) and Passage Controls can be set so that the car needs to stop before the App Icon will appear (Optional check on each location, but only applies to MTC, TP and PC locations).

You can now also void individual penalties (new menu option in Event Management)

Various tweaks to the App include no longer showing the upload data message, bearing no longer changing within the outer warning zone.

Release 1.32

There are now four stages of an event.
"Planned Event" is a future event you are planning to run, no entries can be added, simply a place marker.
"Live Event (Hide Results)" is an event ready to accept entries (once the date/time has been reached for entries to be open), Event can now be run once the Start date/time has passed. Results are hidden.
"Live Event (Show Results)" is the same as above but results are shown.
"Provisional Results" is set once the event has been run and you wish to show the "Provisional" results. "Finialised Event" is set once results have be declare as "Final".

Time between timing points can now be set to minutes and seconds, this applies only to Regularities.

Before 1.32

Added Clock to Marshal Recorded Screen for Timing
Internet robot check on registration and marshal entry screens