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Licenced until 31st December 2021     

Release 1.38

Refined how "Stop Required" locations perform


Release 1.35

Fixes Android initial install issue.
Fixes issue with competition name having a apostrophe in it's name.
New Registration screens etc.

Release 1.34

Submit Tracking feature on the App now has to be enabled via Event Admin.

Release 1.33

Timing Points (MTC and TP) and Passage Controls can be set so that the car needs to stop before the App Icon will appear (Optional check on each location, but only applies to MTC, TP and PC locations).

You can now also void individual penalties (new menu option in Event Management)

Various tweaks to the App include no longer showing the upload data message, bearing no longer changing within the outer warning zone.

Release 1.32

There are now four stages of an event.
"Planned Event" is a future event you are planning to run, no entries can be added, simply a place marker.
"Live Event (Hide Results)" is an event ready to accept entries (once the date/time has been reached for entries to be open), Event can now be run once the Start date/time has passed. Results are hidden.
"Live Event (Show Results)" is the same as above but results are shown.
"Provisional Results" is set once the event has been run and you wish to show the "Provisional" results. "Finialised Event" is set once results have be declare as "Final".

Time between timing points can now be set to minutes and seconds, this applies only to Regularities.

Before 1.32

Added Clock to Marshal Recorded Screen for Timing
Internet robot check on registration and marshal entry screens